Getting Back On The Horse..

As fall has arrived and the tree’s colors are beginning to change quickly, most runners are probably taking time off or finishing up their last fall race before the snow begins to fly. I’ve decided to use these weeks to continue laying down a solid base and hopefully continue it through the winter months in order to be more ready when marathon training begins in early 2014.  My two mains concerns after my 2013 racing schedule were: figuring out my race day nutrition and getting stronger.  I will tackle the nutrition piece in another blog post, so today’s post is more about my upcoming training schedule that will allow me to get stronger.

I am lucky enough to have a gym on-site at my work with a personal trainer that is available to train me as long as I schedule in advance the training the session.  I have not taken advantage of this up until a few weeks ago. I had a brief discussion with the trainer on what my goals were for the “off-season” and if he thought we could put a plan together that would help me achieve those goals.  He agreed we could make that happen and a couple days later he presented me with a plan to do so. My goal is to get stronger, not more bulkier or be able to push a car, but to get physically and mentally stronger so during my races I feel like I have more to give over the last 1/3 of the race vs. feeling completely wiped.  I know nutrition will aid in accomplishing the above thought but I think being both mentally and physically stronger will aid in that goal.

The plan is for me to lift two days a week and follow a three week plan before switching up the activities.  Each lifting day consists of three supersets of three activities each.  Within each superset there is an activity to focus on upper body, lower body, and then core.  Again my goal is not to bulk up but to strengthen what I already have.  Day 1 activities include: squats, dumbbell bench press, crunches, swiss ball leg curls, bent over rows, deadbugs, bicep curls, tricep pushdowns, and planks. Day 2 activities include: split leg squats, incline pushups, V-ups, side lunges, pullups, sharks, shoulder press, lateral raises, and oblique twists.