I love Nuun & I want you to too!

I had been on the search for a hydration product that doesn’t contain the sugars, high fructose corn syrups, or other things that seem to upset my stomach and I found one.  If you are not familiar yet with the running community, whether you’re next to them on the starting line or you’ve never met them but talk regularly on #RunChat on Sunday nights with them and thousands others, they are happy to share their experiences and advice.  They want to you do your best, accomplish your goals, and succeed.  This advice is free and might not work for you but the more information you have I believe the better the outcome will be.  Whether the product is $5 or $500 it’s nice to get someone else’s opinion that has used the product in the same application that you will.  How I came across Nuun hydration wasn’t even through someone talking about their experience with the product however rather through an experience with the brand. So how did I discover Nuun?

One of the Runner World editors that I follow on Twitter (@megrunnergirl) had talked about her trip to run the Hood to Coast relay as part of Team Nuun. From her tweets leading up to the relay to the race recap on her blog you could tell that they were treated to an awesome experience.  How often do you find brands going above and beyond like this?  After doing some research on the Nuun website and reading a few other reviews on the product, I needed to find a place to try it out.  As an employee of Swanson Health Products (& having over 18,000 products) I was curious if we carried the Nuun products and I found out we do!  Since then I have been trying the Nuun Tri-Berry and have been very pleased.  I have my full review here but the exciting part is that I want to give a bottle away to someone so they can try these awesome products too. So how do you register?  Just comment below with “I want to WIN & try Nuun products” and I’ll randomly pick one winner on Monday (11/4/13). If you share this on Twitter or Google+ and tag me in it, I’ll give you an extra entry.

Electrolyte Enhanced Drink Tablets Tri-Berry