2014 isn’t about change…

2014 isn’t about change, it’s all about continued commitment. In early 2013, among the crazy changes happening in our life (selling our CO home, starting a new job, moving to ND, & having our first child), I got the running bug again. I have always had a mental bucket list of things I want to do/accomplish and a few are running related.  At the top of my running bucket list is the Boston Marathon. It’s one of the most historic marathons, it’s in Boston (a town I want to visit someday) and you have to qualify for the race.  I had the goal to accomplish this achievement in 2013 but it didn’t happen in my only attempt of qualifying.

Rather than changing my goals, I’m determined to accomplish this goal and be able to cross it off my bucket list.  I’ve made a few changes this fall to my running routine and I’m looking forward to seeing how they pay off when my toes meet the starting line in May.  The first change was continuing my running through the fall rather than taking the fall off.  Secondly I added strength training two days a week to get stronger as I felt this one of my weaknesses.  My new company (www.swansonvitamins.com) has a gym onsite and with a trainer that we can schedule appointments with, there is no reason to neglect this crucial part of a runner’s training.

I have my eye’s set on four marathons this spring starting with the Fargo Marathon in May, along with the Sioux Falls Marathon in September and finishing with the Twin Cities Marathon in October.  I’d like to run a marathon in June, but still deciding between a few options.  I hope and plan to accomplish my goal of qualifying for Boston this upcoming year, however the marathon is a beast that is not easy for many people to finish let alone run a time fast enough to qualify for Boston. I invite you to check up on this blog regularly as I update on my training, new equipment I come across and use, along with nutritional results that I test in order get everything in line for race day.

Thanks for reading and happy and healthy running to you in 2014!