Only Days Left To Go…

It’s that time again to look back and review my progress but more importantly look forward to the race that is getting closer day by day.  When I resurrected my running routine back in the early part of 2013 I had a goal of running the Fargo Half-Marathon.  This is a big race in our new hometown and continues to grow each and every year.  As much as I wanted to do the full marathon I reminded myself that I just had a daughter in early February and good sleep and “extra” time might not exist for awhile.  After completing the half-marathon in a time that satisfied but kept me hungry, I knew I needed to go after the full marathon distance again.

The past couple weeks of training have been very much a confidence booster.  On my long runs my body has been feeling great and on the shorter days or tempo days I feel like I’m truly “following the plan.” I use a training plan to not only keep my training structured but keep myself accountable and make it hard for myself to “skip” a workout.  Today I had an easy 6 miles where I didn’t look at my pace but kept telling my body to “keep it slow.”  When I got done my phone showed a 6:43 pace! It’s positive thoughts and vibes from here on out.


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