What If People Looked At Their Health Like A Competition? With Cash Rewards..

Everywhere you look another report comes out stating that as a society the United States is one of the fattest (most obese) countries in the world.  In each report it doesn’t say that the United States is making strides in the right direction however, it mentions that we are getting fatter and fatter.  If you want a guess as to why this is the case, take a look at grocery carts of others next time you are at the grocery store or maybe take a bike ride around restaurants during dinner time and see that there is a wait even on a weekday.

As consumers we are more worried about how long dinner is gong to take us to prepare than what is actually on the plates we serve to our family.  We are willing to sacrifice a nutritious meal for our children if it saves us 20 minutes as our days already don’t have enough time in them.  Rather than giving our kids fruits and vegetables for a snack, we listen to their pleas for fruit snacks with their favorite cartoon character on the box.  There as been talk of company’s raising their health premiums for people who’s health levels are not up to par.  This could include whether a person is a smoker or not or maybe if there body fat percentage is an unhealthy range.

I would like to see the government do the same and take it a step further. (I am not an advocate for the government to get involved in many things for the record.)  What if every year you got an annual physical where they checked your body fat percentage, blood sugar levels, blood pressure, and cholesterol levels and gave you a tax credit if you met the healthy level standards.  This would encourage people to get yearly physicals and hopefully help diagnose health risks or problems for people before they become a serious condition and also give a reward for being healthy or making strides in the right direction.

I am not sure how much of a tax credit would be appropriate as I have to think more through on the possible health care reductions as a healthier society ages vs. a increasingly obese society.  However by encouraging healthier lifestyles and rewarding individuals for doing so, healthcare costs should decrease, especially amongst the middle to later aged demographic.  Stay tuned for future updates to this plan…change doesn’t happen by stagnant activity, but by acts driven by a purpose.


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