Initial Thoughts: New Balance 890 Running Shoe

When I recently discovered an old pair of running shoes that I had been moving around the country with me (without me knowing this) the thoughts of all my previous triathlon races and full marathon experience came rushing back to me. I had put quite a few miles on this old New Balance shoe and had 4 pairs of this shoe over a couple summers. I took note of the style number and reached out to both New Balance and my favorite running store ( to see if they knew what the current style of the most similar shoe would be. They both responded quickly with the 890.

At the time I was only about 100 miles into my Saucony Ride 5’s so despite my excitement I told myself I needed to get my money’s worth out of the Ride 5’s and then I could make the decision to switch once I wore them out. As much as I enjoyed running in my Ride 5’s, something about the 890’s made me want to give them a shot. Not sure if it was the color choices, knowing that the company still employs many Americans to manufacture their shoes here in America, or the numerous memories in my old New Balance shoes and wanting to give them a shot again.

Either way as I approached 400 miles I decided it was time to get the shoes from the Running Warehouse (@RunWithTheHouse). I put them in my closet and paitently waited to finish wearing out my Ride 5’s. Today was the day (7.30.13) that I was ready to start breaking in a new pair. I only had a 6 mile run on my training plan so I knew I could suffer through it even if these shoes were not comfortable or they caused pain…but how could they, I was so sure they would perfect.

When I first put them on I was astonished at the fit. Running Warehouse has a Shoefitr program that suggests what size to get in a new style based on how your old shoe fits which made knowing what size to get while ordering online very easy. The shoe was constructed of different materials than my Ride 5’s and you could quickly tell the 890 was a cut above the Ride 5’s in quality.

With the shoe fitting very comfortably right out of the box, I took off on my 6 mile run. Around mile 3, my right foot had some slight discomfort however it went away a quarter of a mile or so later which has me thinking it was stride related vs. a new pair of shoes. The rest of the run went very well and finished the run with an average pace of 6:59/mi. I always get a “high” from new equipment or a new route, but wow I felt good.

Overall, I am very pleased with the initial run in the New Balance 890 shoes. I look forward to many more miles in them and hopefully will have multiple pairs of these shoes like I did with my old New Balance running shoes.

New Balance 890


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