Is Running Even About The Exercise?

With my weekend training runs getting longer in distance and equally longer in time, I am spending more time putting one foot in front of the other, putting the other foot in front and then repeating many times.  I know with each step I’m getting more in shape and although I’ve never had a problem with being overweight, my weight will stay in check. I know that if I run my races will become easier and my times will hopefully begin to fall.  But why do I lace up my shoes four to five, sometimes six days a week?

For me it’s my time to relax and unwind. You might ask how does one “relax and unwind” while you are running on short days, 4-5 miles, and upwards of 10-12 miles on the weekends?  Running is my mental escape, 30 mins to well over an hour to let my mind wander and except for looking out for cars at crosswalks, nothing that goes through my head is planned.  Sometimes I put myself in a race situation where if I have four miles left in my run, I imagine myself four miles left from the finish in a marathon and force myself not to give up now.  Other times I think about my past and some individuals that told me indirectly that I wasn’t good enough at something.  I use them as my motivation to pick up the pace or just put one foot in front of the other when my body doesn’t want to move.

I encourage you to find that relax and unwind time in your life.  With the world getting more hectic and crazy with each year that passes, I believe every person will go crazy without relaxing and unwinding.  It might be reading a book, sitting on your patio, or exercising, but you need to find it.  For me it’s running and I’m glad I’ve found it, but I encourage you to find your “relax and unwind” time too!


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