Swanson Vitamin’s Grass-Fed, Certified rBGH-Free Chocolate Whey Protein Powder Review

Growing up I have always had issues putting weight on. I know this is not the normal problem facing much of society but as an athlete I wanted extra weight to help make my hits hurt a little bit more the corners during the hockey season (for the record I don’t think I was ever able to make someone remember me from the hits I gave).  No matter what I tried, protein shakes, extra lifting, eating 3,000-4,000 calories a day, you name it not an extra ounce was gained.  Through all my trials and no successes by my standards I did learn some things.  The more protein in my diet, the less often I would be “starving” and crave more food (Again I don’t want to lose any weight but I also don’t have the time to eat 24/7).

When I began running longer distances again, my metabolism seemed to speed up yet again. I’m 6’2″ and 150 lbs on a good day and the last thing I need is a faster metabolism. Ask my wife and she will tell you I can eat all day every day and the worst of foods for your body and not gain an ounce; she is astonished.  I decided to look for a protein powder to use in shakes that would give me some extra protein to keep me more full longer.  Since I started my new job at Swanson Health Products, I thought I should look at the products we carry and see if it matched what I was looking for.  Although finding healthy options at the store, a restaurant, or online are not always the cheapest option, I was torn about going all organic, grass-fed, and rBGH-free but I thought I’d give it a try.  A few guys at work had great things to say about our Grass-Fed, Certified rBGH-Free Chocolate Whey Protein Powder so I bit the bullet and ordered some.

When I mixed up my first shake using water it blended well and had a great flavor.  Protein powders can not always have the best of flavor but I actually enjoyed drinking this one.  In future drinks I have used milk which makes it a little thicker but still continues to mix well and taste great.  The biggest thing that I have noticed about this powder is that it makes me feel more full for a longer period of time.  I will have a shake as a post-run recovery or during the mid-afternoon when I get that “2:30 feeling” and be satisfied until my next meal.  Of course the great thing about Swanson Health Products is the quick shipping; their Google trusted store badge shows orders leave in one day from their warehouses.  Plus with a 365 day return policy if you are not 100% satisfied, they will refund your money.  If you are into saving money too, sign up for their email list or like them on Facebook as they are always running promotions.

I’m now on my 3rd tub of the protein powder and still am receiving the great quality product that I’ve become accustomed to. If anything changes I will let you know and update this post, otherwise best of luck with your training and learning your nutritional needs.


Is Running Even About The Exercise?

With my weekend training runs getting longer in distance and equally longer in time, I am spending more time putting one foot in front of the other, putting the other foot in front and then repeating many times.  I know with each step I’m getting more in shape and although I’ve never had a problem with being overweight, my weight will stay in check. I know that if I run my races will become easier and my times will hopefully begin to fall.  But why do I lace up my shoes four to five, sometimes six days a week?

For me it’s my time to relax and unwind. You might ask how does one “relax and unwind” while you are running on short days, 4-5 miles, and upwards of 10-12 miles on the weekends?  Running is my mental escape, 30 mins to well over an hour to let my mind wander and except for looking out for cars at crosswalks, nothing that goes through my head is planned.  Sometimes I put myself in a race situation where if I have four miles left in my run, I imagine myself four miles left from the finish in a marathon and force myself not to give up now.  Other times I think about my past and some individuals that told me indirectly that I wasn’t good enough at something.  I use them as my motivation to pick up the pace or just put one foot in front of the other when my body doesn’t want to move.

I encourage you to find that relax and unwind time in your life.  With the world getting more hectic and crazy with each year that passes, I believe every person will go crazy without relaxing and unwinding.  It might be reading a book, sitting on your patio, or exercising, but you need to find it.  For me it’s running and I’m glad I’ve found it, but I encourage you to find your “relax and unwind” time too!

Keep An Extra Eye Out!

As summer arrives there will be billboards and radio commercials reminding drivers to keep an extra eye out for motorcycles as they can be tough to spot sometimes.  After my run today, I also want to encourage drivers to keep an extra eye out for people out walking, running, biking, rollerblading, etc.

Today, while running up 45th St in Fargo and approaching 33rd Ave, just like I do at ever intersection I peek behind me to make sure there are no cars coming up that’ll be making a right turn.  Although I would have the right away, the cars turning off a busy street can sometime feel rushed and the last thing I want to do is be apart of an accident.  I peeked back and noticed no cars were coming and drew my attention to any vehicles that would be coming up to the stop sign on 33rd ave.  There was a white Buick that was coming down the street and I focused on the driver as to make sure he could see me as I begun to cross the street.  He slowed considerably and appeared to be stopping at the white line, where a car should stop. I thought he saw me and was slowing to give me the right away to cross like any pedestrian in a crosswalk has the right to.

With each step I took he got closer and was passing that white line at what I would guess was 5 mph.  I was now within a stride or two of being in front of his car and a rolling stop was what it looked like he was going to do.  I glanced back and forth between the driver and his wife who was the passenger.  Her eyes were huge and looked like she was trying to scream at him.  I tried to stop myself as hard as I could and got ready to jump in the air to hopefully land on his hood and not have my legs clipped at the knees if he got any closer.  He finally and suddenly stopped not more than 15 or so inches away from me, screeching the tires.  I stopped, he stopped and looked at me in terror.  I took a step around the vehicle and continued on my run.  One more step however and he would have got me right in the knees.

I’m not a person that swears the pedestrian is always right or should think of themselves as invincible. However, I do want drivers to be aware though that they are suppose to stop behind the line (which is before or even with the stop signs) and not proceed until they are sure they are clear and won’t block the crosswalk.  Luckily, I stopped in time, however a young kid that maybe wasn’t paying as much attention might not have been so fortunate. Please, slow down, take your time, and let’s be sure all the adults, kids, and families enjoying the outdoors and those in their vehicles have a safe and fun summer!