Review: Saucony Ride 5

My least favorite part of being a runner is finding shoes.  It’s not that I am a picky person  or that I have a tough time finding one that fits my foot just right, I just don’t like having to move on from something that worked without problems.  So when I went in to get a new pair of shoes, I was really hoping that my old shoes would still be on the shelves as last time I purchased 3 pairs so I wouldn’t have to go through this shopping experience for awhile.

I decided to consult with the local running store (Fargo Running Company) to try on new shoes and hope to ultimately take them and start running in them.  I ultimately chose the Saucony Ride 5 but when they told me it’d take 10-14 days to get it in, I about laughed out loud.  From working in the ecommerce industry, if you can’t get it to someone in a 2-3 days max, they will find someone who can and unfortunately my shopping habits are similar. After getting a recommendation of Running Warehouse from @milestraiser I decided to purchase my first pair of running shoes online.  My experience with Running Warehouse was wonderful and with their 2 day shipping my shoes arrived very quickly and were ready to be run in.

My initial thoughts upon trying them on were: super comfortable, moderate cushioning, and not heavy but not a minimalist either.  I have been running in them for two weeks including two long runs of 8 and 9.5 miles, a few speed workouts, and short runs as well.  The shoes continue to be comfortable throughout the run and I’m not experiencing any knee pain after my runs either.  I will be running the Fargo Half-Marathon in these shoes and then will probably run the marathons that are on my schedule in them as well.  Now the only question left is, what color to get my next pair in?

Men's Ride 5


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