Kickin’ Bad Habits To The Curb!

This time of the year usually has a common routine among many households: spring cleaning.  Although spring has not arrived in North Dakota quite yet, that doesn’t give me an excuse to skip out.  Before we know it our weekends will be filled with our favorite summer time activities and we will not want to do much else as we know our nice weather is limited.  I have decided that since we are in a transition between houses and moving back to the Midwest, my spring cleaning this year would be personal.  Many times before I have tried to rid myself of drinking pop only to decide “one every once in awhile” would be okay which usually turned into one or more a day eventually.

Since I started my new job at a great company (Swanson Health Products), you could say their mission is contagious. Do the right things now by giving your body what it needs and it will reward you later.  I have made many changes this spring already with many more in the plan as we get settled in our own home.  Although I found it very easy to consume twenty or more ounces of pop a day, it was never for a good reason.  It contains a bunch of sugar, no nutritional value, and although it seems to be cheap (only $1 for any size at McDonalds) it’s a money pit.  When I put into perspective that I was spending about $20/week on pop, it made me realize I could do a lot of other fun things with that money.  A new pair of running shoes over the course of a month, dinner and movie dates with my wife, and the list goes on and on.

It has not been quite two weeks since I kicked pop to the curb, but I already am over the cravings for it.  I keep a water bottle with me at all times and have switched from drinking a few ounces of water a day to 2-3 liters easily now in a day.  This is just the start of the changes and I will continue to document them here in this blog along with any struggles that I encounter.  Have you done any spring cleaning? Feel free to comment below with changes you might be making.


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