Quest For Boston…

Running has always been something I enjoyed. Starting with Wednesday night track meets to track in elementary and middle school to cross country in high school.  Again in college I combined running with swimming and biking to become active in triathlons along with a few road races.  You could say I get the “runners high” and I feel the thrill at both the starting line and finish line.  Having this love for running has come and gone at times depending on different life events, but deep down I have always wanted to be able to qualify for the Boston Marathon.  I always thought that if I ever did qualify, I would make the trip and run the historic race.  After the events that took place on Monday, you better bet the house I will make the trip.

I will be running in the upcoming Fargo Half-Marathon and have set my goals.  My career best half marathon is 1:38:17 and my goal for Fargo will be sub 1:30.  No it will not qualify me for Boston (my age group puts my marathon time at 3:05), but it will be a step in that direction.  I hope to enter a few marathons this summer/fall and other road races to help me along my journey.  Getting to the starting line and crossing the finish line are great moments, but the journey that it takes to get to live those moments is where the satisfaction truly begins.

“Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time.” -Thomas A. Edison


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