My Vacation Thoughts…Exactly!

My plans for vacation are described throughout this song..Enjoy!


The Light At The End Of The Tunnel…It’s Here!

There are times in our life where the combination of stress, life events, & lack of time make it seem like we are peering down a tunnel without a light at the end of it.  Maybe the light is there but rather than it getting closer to you it becomes more distant.  As a very optimistic minded person usually, I have found myself stressing more and more, even causing health issues.  That’s where I had to draw the line.  I am all about getting the job done, even if I have to do others work to ensure it gets done correctly, however when my health is affected, I’m the first to draw the line.  I have decided that we must schedule vacations or time away from what stresses you in your life to remain sane, luckily for me I had a vacation planned back to the Midwest for my brother-in-law’s wedding.

I have known about this vacation/time away for quite a few months, however I didn’t realize the necessity of this time away until last week when the doctor told me the stress I was under is causing the start of ulcers in my stomach.  Why the stress you ask? Things at work have not been going as smoothly as I would like and since I begun work for my current company, I have been an one-man marketing department.  Not only have I taken great pride in the work that I do in creating marketing messages and monitoring that sector of our business, but also in ensuring the overall effectiveness that our business runs with.  This increased stress level has shown me though that I am unable to bite off as much as I possibly could.

I have realized that this doesn’t mean that I’m a failure in anyway, however I have realized that a business can not run like it should unless like a motor it has all cylinders firing properly.  It is critical in any team environment for everyone to do their best to increase the team’s chances of success and this translates right into the business workplace.  So as I take off on a vacation back to the Midwest to see many family and friends, I look forward to the mental relief from the workspace.  Rejuvenation is needed at times, and many times will make you a better employee when you come back.  Ready or not ND & MN, here I come!