Google Doesn’t Have All The Answers

Ever since my wife and I moved to Northglenn from Loveland, we have struggled to find a church.  There are many Lutheran churches in our area, however the ones we were finding (via Google) were not of the same denomination that we both had grown up with.  We stepped outside of our comfort area to explore what results Google showed us.  Service after service, we were excited to be in the Lord’s house, but it didn’t feel like it was where we belonged.  We had exhausted our Google search results, so the only thing we felt that was left was to put it in God’s hands and wait for him to show us where he wanted us to worship him.

While out driving on a weekend, we drove by St. Stephen’s Lutheran Church.  The church was not more than 7 or 8 miles from our house, however wasn’t included in our Google results.  After returning home, we searched the web trying to find the denomination of the congregation and was surprised to find it was ELCA, exactly what we were looking for.  We had no choice but to attend a service the next day and see if maybe this church was where we feel comfortable praising God every week.  After arriving 10-15 minutes at other churches and being the first ones there, we decided to show up about 5 minutes early.  As we entered the parking lot, there was a pleasant amount of cars, which assured that there was a service soon to start.

As we found our way to a pew, it didn’t take more than a few seconds to notice that we were the youngest people in the congregation.  The next youngest couple attending the service appeared to be in their early 50’s.  I will be the first to admit that I got worried very quickly that this church was not going to be for us.  As the worship continued, it reminded both of us of the traditional services we attended growing up in the Midwest.  As we walked to our car after the service, we glanced at each with a smile.  We feel like God has answered our prayer and shown us where we are to worship him.

Update: After attending three services, we are still very happy with the congregation and the members.  Everybody has been very welcoming and we look forward to the single service next week, which will combine their traditional service and their contemporary service.


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