Are You Sick Of The “What If” Game?

This evening I had a conversation with a good friend about some changes that he is making in his life and it reminded me of a phrase that I find myself asking less, but it still happens…”What If?”  What if I would have done something differently? What if I would have done something instead of nothing at all?  Growing up I found myself asking this question quite often as I grew up very conservative, not wanting to screw up or more commonly, disappointing my parents.  As I have grown older I still find myself striving to be good enough for my parents, my friends, & my bosses.  The reason for my bosses is an easy one to answer as I hope to stay employed to make ends meet financially. But why my friends and family?

Family and true friends should love/like me for who I am, not deciding by what accomplishments I’ve achieved or looking at the times where I might have not done the right thing.  You could argue that these are the things that make us who we are, but these individual events don’t summarize our lives entirely.   Achievements, good-doings and also unsuccessful attempts or failures are learning opportunities for personal growth.  If we don’t take chances or do things we normally wouldn’t, we remain in a stalemate.  But by asking a girl out, volunteering your time, or doing a task you normally would shy away from, we grow.  The result might not be what you anticipated or wanted, but that event helps mold us.  Rather than being worried about our expectations not being met or what others will think of us, I challenge you to jump or leap or dive! I believe that there is a reason you were brought to this point in your life…take a chance and learn from it…or keep asking yourself, What If?


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